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Chinese manufacturer Oteshen led track light linear spot led magnetic light 14W 20W magnetic led light

  • TX1450Z-14 TX1460Z-20
  • 14W 20W
  • AL+PC
How may the interior be completely altered without requiring time-consuming building investments? The LED magnetic Track Light enables you to utilize many types of magnetic bulbs simultaneously and switch them out as required thanks to a metal strip and electrically conductive contact strips. The main benefit of the profile is that it can be applied to both ceilings and walls. You can alter the look of the space in a number of ways by selecting from a variety of lamp types, each with its own distinctive form and size.

LED magnetic light

Broad area coverage: The angle at which the illumination and highlights are applied is not to exceed 120 degrees.

Low voltage to touch: ensuring product security and a risk-free lighting environment. A two-year warranty protects the products' quality.

Freedom of mobility is a unique design feature and practical goal. Once installed, Magnetic Track Lights can be moved around as needed.


LED magnetic light

Expanding components: A magnetic track light could be made using a system of magnetic bulbs.

simple to install The strong magnet-based bulb can be positioned to be firmly fastened to the rail. It is not essential to use a wire or lamp holder to connect.

The defining characteristics of linear design are simple geometry and linear artistry, which is also a great place to start when designing compact style décor for spaces like studios, garages, warehouses, offices, homes, retail establishments, hotels, showrooms, lounges, dining rooms, meeting rooms, and office buildings

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