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New fashion led magnetic track light 8w magnetic track light thin led magnet light track

  • TX1160Z-8
  • 8W
  • AL+PC
Oteshen offers a variety of track lighting options. We'd like to introduce you to our most recent offering, the Super Thin Magnetic Lighting System.

LED magnetic light

Low voltage for greater safety and less electricity use, snap design for simple installation and maintenance, and many other benefits.

Warranty on products: All items offered have undergone thorough inspection and testing and are backed by a 2-year warranty.

A safe lighting environment without risk is created by using safe wattage at 48v safe voltage to touch. A two-year warranty guarantees the caliber of the goods.

a unique design with a practical purpose. Once installed, Magnetic Track Lights are completely movable.


LED magnetic light

High degree of adaptability: The light can be placed precisely and the aperture size may be altered, allowing the lighting and space to function as one.

Simple geometry and linear artistry are the defining characteristics of linear design, which is also a great place to start when creating compact style décor in places like studios, garages, warehouses, offices, homes, retail establishments, hotels, showrooms, lounges, dining rooms, meeting rooms, and office buildings, among others.

If you are looking for a reliable OEM/ODM partner, Oteshen lighting is  your best choice. welcome to contact us to have a long term cooperation for common success.


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