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Nice Design High Quality Round 3W Aluminium LED Step Light

  • L9530
  • 3W
  • Aluminum


Led Step Light

Product Description

Wattage L9530
Dimension Ф68*43mm
Lighting Efficiency 100lm/W
Lumen 90lm
The Beam Angle 26
Color Rendering Index
Color White

There are numerous useful benefits to our LED Step Lights for you:

With an emphasis on tube lights, led bulbs, led strip lights, and other lighting goods, Oteshen has been producing and developing LED lighting products for more than 49 years. All of the goods are frequently used in lighting for industrial, commercial, and residential applications, and we think this IP65 Step Light can meet your requirements as well.

03-03IP65 Waterproof Rating: The step light can operate effectively in snow, rain, and sleet because it has an IP65 waterproof classification. The lighting can be used in stadiums, gardens, pathways, and other locations and is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

High Service Warranty: Over 30,000 hours of longevity, minimal environmental impact, limited heat generation, low output voltage, and complete human safety.

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Strong Function: The areas around patios, decks, and swimming pools may be made livable and practical with the correct lighting. To create special lighting effects, choose from a variety of fixtures and color temperatures.

Three Color Temperatures: Choose from 3000K, 4200K, or 6500K among three different color temperatures to customize your experience with color.

You may depend on Oteshen to deliver the greatest products practically always. We are confident that our items will satisfy all of your needs. For you, the Oteshen IP65 Step Light is a great option.


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