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  • How to choose the color temperature of LED Lighting?

    Different colors will cause people to have different emotions, and different color temperatures will also cause different reactions. The color temperature of light sources is generally divided into three categories: 2700K-3300K: Warm light is similar to incandescent light, giving people a warm, healthy and comfortable feeling. It is used in…
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  • Let’s take a look at what lights Oteshen can provide for the shopping mall

    In most cases, where the lighting was either too dimmed or too intense, and this affect what you buy.So how to design LED lighting at the shopping mall, how to choose a lamp? Different stores must be matched with different lights.To drive the image of the entire store, thereby increasing…
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  • Up and Down Wall Light Released

    Oteshen has 10 professional Research and development engineers, We have a strong capacity to develop new models. On 2020-Oct-20, We developed another new model. Led up and down wall light with a DIY light effect. This Idea comes out from our hot sale wall light LBD2750.which is our top sale…
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  • The history about Oteshen

    The history about Oteshen Foshan Yuedeng Light Technology Co., Ltd, brand name “Oteshen”, Specialized in LED lighting for 18 years. 1984 JIANYE hardware factory was founded by our chairman Liao Shansi 2003 Full series Steel and Cast-aluminium of DOWNLIGHT&SPOTLIGHT fixtures WAS…
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