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  • Buy LED Panel Lights Online Starts From Oteshen

    LED panel light is a high-grade indoor lighting, its design is unique, the light through the high transmittance light guide plate to form a uniform plane luminous effect.   So it has good illumination uniformity, soft light, and excellent lighting effect.   The LED panel light uses ultra-high brightness LED as the light source,
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  • Our best selling Downlight/Wall/Track light fixture housing

    Our best selling Downlight/Wall/Track light fixture housing- Led Downlight fixture, Spot Light Fixture, Ceiling Light Housing 1/2/3 head, various shapes for options Color: Black/White/Rose Gold ... Connectors for:G5.3/GU10/MR11/MR16/AR70/PAR20/PAR30/AR111 Material: Aluminum/PC/Steel/Cast-zinc/Cast-aluminum/Iron+PC Recessed square, round, wall mounted fixtures, adjustable track light DIY DesignLinkableSave Stock Oteshen TS Series Including: downlight fixture/wall light fixture/track…
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  • Oteshen’s factory bulletin board is renewed, invite you to take a look-Oteshen Lighting

    The development of an enterprise is inseparable from the promotion of corporate culture. Culture is the soul of the enterprise. It plays a very important role in displaying corporate image to customers and employees. The pictures and texts on the corporate publicity column create a strong corporate culture atmosphere. Played…
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  • How To Choose The Best LED Spotlights?

    LED spotlights are a kind of LED lights, which installed on the ceiling or wall. They are a flexible way to meet the lighting needs, because they can focus the beam on the most needed place. Therefore, they can be accurately installed in the place you need, aiming at the space or object that…
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  • Oteshen Lighting’s Appraisal of Excellent Employees in Workshop in April

    The rapid development of Oteshen Lighting is inseparable from the efforts and sweat of every employee. A group of outstanding employees have emerged in various positions in the production workshop. In order to affirm the hard work of employees, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, promote team building,
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  • Which lamps are mainly used for led indoor lighting

    Indoor lighting fixtures mainly include ceiling lights, track lights, wall lights, spot lights, and panel lights, batten light, cabinet light, step light. Ceiling lights, batten light and panel lights are the main light sources in the room, and other lamps are auxiliary light sources.            
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  • Renovation and upgrade of Oteshen Lighting’s staff dormitory

    In order to create a warm, comfortable and civilized living environment for employees, so that employees have a sense of security and belonging, Oteshen Lighting upgraded the employee dormitory. After two months of construction, Oteshen Lighting completed the renovation of the staff dormitory. The renovation includes overhaul and addition of…
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  • Our social media accounts will update more Oteshen daily life, Come and Follow us

    Dear friends📣📣📣 We need to increase followers now! Could you please help to follow it? Thank you for your support.😘😘😘 Our social media accounts will update more Oteshen daily life.Come and Follow us Click the link please: Facebook: Twitter Linkedin Instagram YouTube
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  • Oteshen Lighting Business Unit PK Contest Summary Conference

    Foshan Yuedeng Light Technology Co., Ltd. held the PK competition summary awards meeting on April 15, 2021.In order to improve team cohesion, combat effectiveness, and stimulate employees' potential and teamwork ability. In March, the business department formulated the "Fly Team & Dream Team Competition Plan", and the PK time is…
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  • How to choose the material of lighting fixtures?

    When it comes to decorating or refurbishing your home, the materials used for your lighting fixtures are a very important consideration. Each material can be used to help create a specific look and feel. Commonmaterials for lighting fixtures & components such as Aluminum, iron, glass, ceramic, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc.…
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  • How to choose the color temperature of LED Lighting?

    Different colors will cause people to have different emotions, and different color temperatures will also cause different reactions. The color temperature of light sources is generally divided into three categories: 2700K-3300K: Warm light is similar to incandescent light, giving people a warm, healthy and comfortable feeling. It is used in…
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  • Let’s take a look at what lights Oteshen can provide for the shopping mall

    In most cases, where the lighting was either too dimmed or too intense, and this affect what you buy.So how to design LED lighting at the shopping mall, how to choose a lamp? Different stores must be matched with different lights.To drive the image of the entire store, thereby increasing…
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  • Why do wholesalers choose oteshen?

    Oteshen is the designer and producer of indoor and outdoor luminaire and comprehensive lighting solution.We are professional led lighting Supplier!👍High quality and high configuration,We are 18 years factory! Oteshen are different from most other LED sites who simply buy from wholesalers or importers, mark up the price and pass it…
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  • Do you want to know more about led panel lights?

    LED Panel Lights are high-performance, ultra-thin, flat, and attractive luminaries. It has three different shapes, round, rectangular, square.People love LED panel lights because of providing the same light for much less electricity. Led Panel Lights are almost eight times better, noiseless, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and shadow-free; LED panels are better and…
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  • Do you like the five best-selling products of Oteshen in 2020?

    LED spotlight, round adjustable led downlight, led commercial spotlights Model LTH1930 zinc square surface mounted downlight fixture MR16 GU10 lighting fixture Model TS53 2020 new model downlight fixture anti glare MR16 GU10 spotlight fixture Model TS131 New design outdoor led wall light, Aplique LED , led wall panel light…
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  • Oteshen Lighting celebrates Women’s Day

    Happy Women's Day on March 8 Respect you behind Yue Deng Oteshen distributes gifts to female employees If you are interested in oteshen led lighting , please contact my e-mail
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