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How is an LED Batten Light Different from a Traditional Tube Light?

LED batten light, Down light fixture

Before understanding the difference between an Led batten light and a traditional tube light, it is important to understand what an LED batten fixture is in the first place. LED batten lights are Down light fixture that work in the same way as fluorescent tubes. These are highly fashionable commercial fixtures perfect to be used in commercial spaces like shopping malls, parking lots and offices. These LED lighting devices are good at saving energy and are thus considered better than the conventional lights. They also offer a stylish appearance to the places where they are used. With widely available information that the conventional fluorescent lights can be dangerous for the human health, there are more and more people switching to the use of LED batten lighting fixtures.

Led batten light

The Difference between LED Batten Lights and Traditional Tube Lights

Despite being high on the consumption of energy and substantial maintenance costs as well, fluorescent tube lights are still used in several residential and commercial applications. This is mainly because they have been used as staple lighting devices for a very long time before the LED batten lighting fixtures were introduced in the market. But it is important to note that the LED batten lighting fixtures boast of all new and improved technology offering major savings on the consumption of energy and on costs as compared to the fluorescent lights.

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