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How to choose the material of lighting fixtures?

When it comes to decorating or refurbishing your home, the materials used for your lighting fixtures are a very important consideration. Each material can be used to help create a specific look and feel. Commonmaterials for lighting fixtures & components such as Aluminum, iron, glass, ceramic, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc.

Let’s take a look at our most commonly used aluminum and PC today.

1.High heat conductivity material

2.Weight more than plastic

3.Great heat dissipation

4.Usually applied in high power output led lighting products

5.More difficult in processing than plastic

6.Very popular material for a long time

7.High price

1.Less weight, very popular material

2.Easy to process and shape up

3.Give more freedom led lighting forms

4.Ecological material

5.Insulation,safe and simplify the led driver design

6.Lower heat conductivity than aluminum

7.Cheaper than aluminum

2021 New Black/white modern LED track/spot light(AL Material)

LDG2230-30 LDG2240-36

Linkable light fixtures ceiling down light housing(PC Material)

downlight fixture

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