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Oteshen Lighting Business Unit PK Contest Summary Conference

Foshan Yuedeng Light Technology Co., Ltd. held the PK competition summary awards meeting on April 15, 2021.In order to improve team cohesion, combat effectiveness, and stimulate employees' potential and teamwork ability. In March, the business department formulated the "Fly Team & Dream Team Competition Plan", and the PK time is March 3, 2021-April 2, 2021. In April, the PK match between the Fly Team and the Dream Team finally ended after a month and ushered in our awards ceremony.

Bet on honor and fight for yourself.

The results of the PK match of the business department were announced on the spot. The Fly Team won the Dream Team with a score of 4:1. Albert Li won the first place in the PK match! Both PK players played together. The loser presented the red envelope to the winner, and said loudly to the winning colleague, "You are a master, I am convinced that I lost, please accept my red envelope and respect, the green hills will not change, the green water will flow, we Fate to fight again!"


Albert Li, shares his experience.
Respond promptly, understand the detailed needs of customers, continue to follow up,Be patient and use what you have learned to gain the trust of customers in the company.
General Manager Simon Liao's concluding remarks.
Be brave to change, constantly surpass yourself,
Explore customer needs and gain customer trust.

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