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Why do wholesalers choose oteshen?

Oteshen is the designer and producer of indoor and outdoor luminaire and comprehensive lighting solution.We are professional led lighting Supplier!?High quality and high configuration,We are 18 years factory!

Oteshen are different from most other LED sites who simply buy from wholesalers or importers, mark up the price and pass it on to the consumer! We are directly producing and selling to wholesalers(only 200 MOQ) and pass on the savings to you - so why not choose us?

In addition to producing a wide range of LED lighting, we also produce LED lighting accessories.Not only allows you to enjoy better performance, but also consumes less power. We can design scientific led lighting according to your requirements(Support OEM/ODM), welcome wholesale from us now! We have the ability to undertake Large order !

If you are interested in oteshen led lighting , please contact my e-mail