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1w LED Solar Wall Light Light

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  • Reliable illumination for any outdoor area.
  • Easily attached to any flat surface with screws.
  • Waterproof and dustproof, suitable for use in any wet environment.
  • Features a motion sensor that can detect movement within a certain range and activate the light automatically.
  • SL1915/SL1916/SL1917/SL1918

  • 1W

  • PC

  • IP44

  • Black


Model code SL1915 SL1916 SL1917
Beam Angle 90° 90° 90° 90°
Solar panel Monocrystalline silicon glass laminate   5.5V 0.8W Monocrystalline silicon glass laminate   5.5V 0.8W Monocrystalline silicon glass laminate   5.5V 0.8W Monocrystalline silicon glass laminate   5.5V 0.8W
Luminous Flux 100lm/w 100lm/w 100lm/w 100lm/w
Battery parameters 3.7V 1200mAh 3.7V 1200mAh 3.7V 1200mAh 3.7V 1200mAh
Size 160*220mm/160*470mm 160*220mm/160*470mm 160*220mm/160*470mm 160*220mm/160*470mm
Switch control mode Long press the switch 2 seconds to turn on the light display 5% brightness, sensing  someone 100% brightness; Click on 100% Brightness again; Press and hold again for 2 seconds to turn off the light.
Lighting mode When someone comes, the light goes from 5% light to 100% light; When people leave, it still glows for 30 seconds, then turns to 5% light.

SL1915 (3)




SL1917 (3)




The Oteshen SL1915/SL1916/SL1917/SL1918 LED solar garden light has remarkable longevity, good performance, and is inexpensive. It is mostly used as an auxiliary LED solar garden light and has a full range of 1W.

The following features make our Solar Garden Spike Light appealing:


Special Design: 2 in 1 design was our solar garden light a biggest feature, if you purchase these type of light, you can get 2 kinds of light whatever you can decorate, Two installation: 1. surface mounted 2. Take it into the ground. The choice you can choose easily.

Good Photon Panel: In comparison to other outdoor solar lights, Oteshen Solar Motion Sensor Lights feature a larger solar panel, which may give a greater (around 25%) conversion rate and longer working hours each night. Outdoor solar security lights charge up during the day and turn on at night.

SL1915 (4)

Strong IP44 Waterproof: IP44 waterproof design is used to create solar motion lights for outdoor use that perform very well in both heat resistance and frost resistance. It is extremely well-built and capable of withstanding many types of extreme adverse weather. Gardening, patios, backyards, and garages are all excellent places to use it.

Solar motion lights for the outdoors made by Oteshen are simple to install and include energy-saving technology. The light is used outside in locations where it will be exposed to sunlight. It operates totally automatically both during the day and at night.

SL1916 (3)

Long Working Time: The solar energy conversion rate is 30% faster with the advanced monocrystalline silicon solar panel than it is with the competition. The solar-powered outdoor lights can operate for 8-10 hours in the summer and 5 hours in the winter thanks to a built-in high capacity battery.

CCT temperature: Our solar garden lights can be use remote control to change different color, such as red, green, blue, cold white, nature white, warm white and three colors in one, seven color in one what color we have if you want to choose one, we can satisfied your need.

Oteshen can create design based on your specifications.

OTESHEN is a reliable OEM/ODM partner, Oteshen lighting is  your best choice. Welcome to contact us to have a long term cooperation for common success.


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