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We design, manufacture, assemble, test and ship from our factory located in Guangdong Province, China for full quality assurance.

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Oteshen lighting sells directly to contractors. Each customer is assigned an in-house account manager professionally trained to work with them.


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We guarantee sample production and shipping within 7 days to eliminate delays.

Precision Engineering - Highest Quality
The Garden Light LED landscape lights are made from PC and 6061 aerospace aluminum through CNC machining.

5 Year Limited Warranty
We provide a 5 year limited warranty on all LED fixtures plus lifetime warranty on all transformers.

Diverse Outdoor LED Garden Lights for Your Product Line

Oteshen LED Garden light collection boasts a variety of styles, ensuring that you can expand your product list with attractive options that cater to your customers' diverse needs.
  • LED Spike lights
  • LED Step lights
  • LED bollard lights
  • LED Inground lights
  • LED outdoor pathway lights

Leading OEM Outdoor LED Garden Light Manufacturer

Oteshen Lighting is a leading OEM Outdoor LED Garden Light manufacturer with a focus on production capacity, quality control, pricing competitiveness, and timely delivery. We offer customized designs and standard products to meet your requirements. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and experienced team, we can help you bring your vision to life. Choose us as your OEM partner and take advantage of our expertise and commitment to excellence. Contact us today to learn more.

Application of Outdoor garden Light
Whether you need path lights, step lights, wall lights or flood lights, our LED garden lights are designed to:

  • Enhance curb appeal and upgrade outdoor living areas
  • Illuminate walkways and entrances safely and attractively
  • Accommodate a wide range of outdoor design styles
  • Install and operate easily for years of maintenance-free use
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about LED Outdoor Garden Lights
  • How to install LED Garden Lights?

    At Oteshen Lighting, there are various options for LED garden lights available in different designs. If you're looking for a lighting solution to enhance the safety of your driveways, pathway lighting would be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you want to highlight specific features in your garden or landscape area, directional lighting could be the perfect fit for you. The installation process of LED garden lights largely depends on their intended function and location.

    The good news is that the low voltage landscape lighting fixtures at Oteshen Lighting are highly versatile and easy to use. By browsing online, you can gain inspiration and ideas to help you decide which type of outdoor lighting would best suit your preferences.

  • Advantages of LED Garden Lights

    LED Garden Lights are highly praised by both business owners and homeowners for their numerous benefits. There are several reasons why LEDs are superior to other lighting alternatives.

    First, LED Garden Lights are incredibly energy-efficient, which is one of their most attractive features. They can substantially reduce electricity bills by using up to 90% less energy while providing a pleasant outdoor lighting system throughout the night.

    Second, LED Lights have a much longer lifespan than other types of bulbs like incandescents or CFLs, which are often frustrating for homeowners due to frequent replacements, burning out, or flickering issues.

    Third, LED Lights are highly versatile, both in terms of design flexibility and varied applications. This versatility can be especially beneficial for those with budget constraints.

    Finally, LED Garden Lights are explicitly designed for outdoor use, making them more durable, longer-lasting, and providing better illumination than other lighting types. They can perform optimally even when exposed to various weather conditions.

  • Is an LED better for outdoor lighting?

    LED lighting is an excellent option for outdoor lighting due to its durability, long lifespan, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions without compromising its performance. Whether for residential or commercial purposes, LED lights are versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. If you are planning to create an outdoor landscape lighting system, LED lighting is highly recommended for its superior performance and  energy efficiency.
  • How does LED landscape lighting work?

    LED landscape lighting operates through a distinct mechanism that distinguishes it from traditional lighting systems. Unlike traditional lighting, which uses energy to heat a filament and produce light, LED lighting directly converts energy to light through a process called electroluminescence. This process involves passing an electric current through a diode, which emits light as a result. Because of this energy-efficient process, LED lighting is known for its superior energy efficiency when compared to traditional lighting systems.
  • For your landscape, choose the best LED garden lights:

    Choosing the right LED garden lights for your landscape doesn't have to be complicated, even if you're not a lighting expert. By considering a few key factors, you can easily find the best LED garden lights for your project. Here are some tips for choosing the most suitable LED garden lights:

    Performance - It's important to select LED garden lights that provide high-quality performance and are designed to withstand the test of time. If you want to improve your property's security and enhance your curb appeal, you need lighting fixtures that effectively illuminate your landscape without quickly deteriorating.

    Design Flexibility - When choosing LED garden lights, look for options that offer design flexibility to fit your landscape's theme. Timeless lighting fixtures can help you achieve a classic-looking outdoor space.

    Affordability - LED garden lights don't have to break the bank. You can find affordable options that offer high-quality lighting fixtures without compromising on materials. This means you can get the quality you need without overspending.

    Durability - Ensure that the LED garden lights you choose are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last. Not all lighting fixtures are created equal, so it's important to choose reputable manufacturers like Best Pro Lighting to ensure you're making a quality purchase.

    By considering these factors, you can easily find the best LED garden lights for your landscape without the need for extensive knowledge or expertise.

  • How durable are LED landscape lights?

    The lifespan of lighting fixtures, especially those used for outdoor lighting, can vary greatly depending on factors such as usage and maintenance. However, assuming that the lighting fixtures are set up correctly with the appropriate voltage and are well-maintained, LED landscape lights can last for an impressive 20,000 to 30,000 hours of optimal performance. This means that they could provide efficient and reliable illumination for your outdoor space for decades to come, particularly if you have sourced them from a reputable manufacturer such as  Oteshen Lighting.
  • Are special transformers required for LED landscape lights?

    In order to maintain the best performance of your low voltage landscape lights, it is essential to use low-voltage transformers. LED landscape lights require less energy than standard lighting fixtures, and the usual direct current output of 120 volts can potentially cause damage to them. Therefore, it is important to use low-voltage transformers that can efficiently convert the supply down to 12-15 volts, which is the optimal voltage range for powering LED landscape lights.
    Low-voltage transformers play a crucial role in providing a safe and reliable power supply to your LED landscape lights. By reducing the voltage output, they can help prevent potential damage to your lighting fixtures and ensure that they operate at their best level. It is important to ensure that the transformer you choose is compatible with your specific lighting system and installed correctly according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Can LED lights be left outside during the winter?

    One of the advantages of using LED lights is that they are not affected by temperature changes, unlike traditional lighting options that use heat to emit light. LED lights perform well in both hot and cold temperatures, making them an excellent choice for outdoor lighting applications. This means that LED landscape lighting can withstand even the coldest winter nights without any issues.

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