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Recessed In-Ground Light 

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As a professional supplier of recessed ground LED lights, we provide a wide range of outdoor ground light series. Our recessed downlight classifications are many, including stainless steel ground lights, underground entrance lights and more.

Our recessed lights are crafted using only the finest materials sourced from trustworthy vendors. The housings are constructed from IP67/IP68 waterproof materials to withstand the elements. Whatever your project - accenting walkways, illuminating facades or highlighting landscaping - our lights deliver.

Top-selling LED Recessed In-Ground Lights

LED recessed in-ground lights unseen by day, switch on a glow at dusk pathways emerge, gardens shine and deft luminaries nestled, ready to stage delicate visual melodies.

  • Protection - Recessed installation shields lights from damage, extending product life.
  • Durability - Premium stainless steel and aluminum construction resists water, dust and debris.
  • Reliability - Fully sealed, IP67 waterproof design ensures consistent illumination for 5 years.

Custom Inground Lighting Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Requirements

To ensure we create a solution that perfectly matches your needs, I recommend providing more details about the specific application and environment. Some helpful information includes:

• Purpose of the lighting - accent, security, decoration, etc.
• Mounting location - wall, eave, pole, etc.
• Area dimensions - length, width, height
• Number of lights required
• Desired light color temperature and brightness
• Special requirements - motion sensor, dimmable, water resistant, etc.

Once we have this information, my team of lighting experts can develop multiple custom design concepts tailored exactly for your specifications. We'll recommend the best options based on aesthetics, function, durability for the outdoors, and cost.

Why Choose LED Recessed In-Ground Lights From Oteshen Lighting?

At Oteshen Lighting, we aim to deliver high quality outdoor recessed light fixtures designed to illuminate your garden, patio or yard. Our durable, energy efficient lights undergo rigorous 100% testing to ensure reliable performance for years to come. While we provide modern designs, we also customize lights to suit your needs and vision.


You can rely on our lights because of:

  • Our ISO 9001 certified production facilities and strict dust-free manufacturing processes
  • The premium materials we source from trusted suppliers
  • A team of highly skilled and trained engineers, technicians and customer support representatives committed to exceeding your expectations at every turn

Applications of Recessed In-Ground Lights


Our custom designed LED recessed lights handle all your ground lighting needs. Whether you need accent, path, step, or landscape lighting, we make LED lights suited to your exact situation. Discuss your color, beam angle, size, style, and wattage preferences and our lighting experts will design fixtures to perfectly complement your outdoor space and illumination goals. Let us craft the ideal recessed ground lights for your unique project.

  • Along the wall
  • Steps and stairways
  • Pathways and walkways
  • Driveways
  • Under trees and foliage
  • Along planters and in gardens
  • Inground pools

Discounts for Designers, Engineering Contractors, and Various Professions


Consider partnering with us to grow your electrical business, whether as an electrician, lighting installer or retailer. Tap into our program to secure additional projects! Our partnership offers exceptional benefits including preferred pricing on client referrals and complementary resources to help you succeed. Join our network of trusted partners today.


★ Direct wholesale pricing - the lowest prices on LED recessed lights available!

★Free design consultation - let our lighting experts recommend the right LED recessed in-ground lights for your project needs.

★ Assistance applying for available rebates and incentives on energy efficient LED recessed in-ground lights.

★Join our network of electricians and lighting contractors - leverage our discounted pricing to provide your clients the best value on their remodel or new construction project.

★ Extra big discounts for volume purchases of 100 or more LED recessed in-ground lights.

Not Just an Ordinary LED Pool Lights for Inground Pools  Manufacturer


At Oteshen Outdoor Lighting, we don't just make and sell outdoor lights - we offer a comprehensive set of solutions to help you succeed. With a trusted reputation built over years of excellence, we provide far more value than a simple purchase order.




Lighting Design - Our pool lighting experts can create a custom lighting plan just for you. We design general underwater lights, niche lights and accent lights to transform your pool space.

Installation Guidance - Our technicians can provide guidance for installing your new LED inground pool lights. This includes tasks like running light cables, securing lights in niches and making final connections.

Supply Coordination - We recognize pool deliveries can be a hassle. Our supply chain team can ship and deliver your new LED inground pool lights and other components directly to your job site.


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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have inquiries about our LED outdoor wall lights, you can refer to the following list of commonly asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team for assistance.


  • Q What is the Warranty for LED In-Ground Lights?

    A We provide a 5-year warranty on all of our LED recessed in-ground lights. We also guarantee that our products undergo thorough testing, with a 100% evaluation rate prior to their dispatch.
  • Q Can I Get a Sample Before Placing an Order?

    A Certainly, you may request a sample. Prior to proceeding with your order, we will await your assessment or endorsement. We kindly ask for a timeframe of 3 to 7 business days to create your sample and deliver it to you.
  • Q What is an LED In-Ground Well Light Used For?

    LED in-ground well lights are versatile lighting solutions that can be used for various purposes, both for aesthetics and functionality. Some common applications for these lights include:
    Highlighting landscape features, such as trees, plants, and walls
    Creating ambiance and mood in outdoor spaces using different colored lights
    Illuminating pathways, walkways, driveways, and stairs for enhanced safety and visibility
    Providing accent lighting for outdoor entertainment areas, such as patios and decks
  • Q What is the Turnaround Time on My Order?


    The usual processing duration for LED recessed in-ground lights is approximately 7 to 12 business days, and in some areas, it may take up to 15 business days. For orders placed outside of China, the processing time may be extended to 30 business days.

    For custom or large volume orders, the processing time may differ.

  • Q What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for In-Ground Lights?

    A We have a minimum order quantity of 100 units. You'll need to order at least 100 units for us to fulfill your order. 
  • Q How Can I Get a Quote for In-Ground Lights?

    A To get a quote for in-ground lights, you can contact a reputable lighting manufacturer or supplier, either by phone or through their website. Be prepared to provide specific details about your lighting requirements, such as the desired size, style, color, and wattage preferences. If you have a specific budget in mind, be sure to mention this as well, so the supplier can provide you with options that fit within your price range.
  • Q What is an In-Ground Well Light?


    An in-ground well light is a type of recessed lighting fixture that is installed below the ground surface. This design allows the light to shine upwards, providing an unobtrusive yet effective illumination. In-ground well lights are often used to highlight landscape features, such as trees, plants, and walls, without drawing attention to the fixture itself. As these lights do not protrude from the ground, they are less likely to be damaged by foot or vehicle traffic, and their waterproof and dust-proof construction ensures durability and longevity.

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