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3W 5W 8W Cast-Aluminium COB LED Ceiling Light

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  • L1330-3

  • 3W/5W/8W

  • Aluminum



Led Ceiling Light (White)


Led Ceiling Light (Black)

Product Description

Wattage L1330-3
Dimension Ф90*57mm
Lighting Efficiency 100lm/W
Lumen 190lm
The Beam Angle 52
Color Rendering Index
Color White/Black

There are numerous useful benefits to our LED Ceiling Lights for you:

Oteshen, a company with more than 49 years of expertise and a wide selection of ceiling lights, is the leading provider of LEDs. One of the most fundamental types of lighting used every day is LED ceiling lamps. We think they have a lot of unique features and can satisfy all of your requirements.

6G阿里详情04Higher Lighting Effect: The bright LED ceiling light may use 85% less energy than a 3, 5, or 8W incandescent bulb. Bright white light may drastically change the appearance of your room or corridor when old light fixtures are replaced.

Comfortable Lighting: Because the ceiling lamp doesn't flash, glare, or emit radiation, it is better for your eyes. The ceiling lamp by Oteshen gives you the coziest lighting that resembles natural light.


Easy Installation: It only requires a few easy steps to complete the installation. You are done after the base is positioned beneath the ceiling and the light is screwed onto it. Many house styles would be complemented by a brand-new circular flush mount ceiling light with a thin, rustproof white finish.

Nice Reliability: The shell color of the Oteshen LED ceiling lamp won't deteriorate or change over time, unlike the bodies of other metal objects that are oil-brushed or powder-coated.

You can illuminate and decorate your home at the same time with the Oteshen LED Ceiling Lamp. This lamp can add appeal to your home and create a chic, romantic atmosphere for your family.


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