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GU10 Downlight Casting Fixture LED Downlight Fixture GU10 Light Fixture

  • TS125
  • MR16
  • PC
  • White

Model TS125
Dimension 80*125MM
Material PC

The following benefits apply to our track light fixture:
TS125 场景图

360°Free Rotation: The Oteshen LED downligh fixture  may be freely rotated and positioned so that the light is shining in the direction you desire. 24 degrees or 36 degrees can focus the light on things and draw attention to them for highlighting and spotlighting.

Drive Free COB: Drive-free COB is a component of the Oteshen LED downligh fixture . Its advantage is that, unlike standard track lighting, which needs to be replaced twice after 10,000 hours of usage, the brightness of the track lighting can reach 70% to 80% of its initial brightness. It is more affordable and of superior quality in this way.

Foldable Support: Oteshen LED downligh fixture may be folded into the lamp holder to save space and volume. Quite practical.

TS125 TS126 3

1) Can match both GU10/MR16 bulb and LED module

2) Changeable reflector

3) Various kinds reflector color options like white, black


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