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High quality indoor panel ceiling light energy saving round ceiling 6w 9W 15W 18W 25W recessed led downlight

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  • LTD0330-6 ~ LTD0380-25

  • 6W/9W/15W/25W

  • Steel+PC

  • White


Products Detail
Model No. Material Power Size Cut out Shape
LTD0330-6 Steel+PC 6W 95*23mm 72mm Round
LTD0340-9 Steel+PC 9W 116*28mm 90mm Round
Steel+PC 15W 145*28mm 120mm Round
LTD0360-18 Steel+PC 18W 175*28mm 140mm Round
LTD0380-25 Steel+PC 25W 220*28mm 180mm Round
Product Description

(1) Steel+PC material

(2) This led panel light can decorate in indoor

(3) Different size for options

(4) 6W, 9W, 15W, 18W and 25W, 2 year warranty

(5) Good sales product in South America, Europe, The Middle East and so on

1. Power generation: To produce exceptional light quality and improve energy efficiency, this moderate panel lamp integrates LEDs with extremely effective light-smoothing optics.

2. Good brightness: Our LED panel lamp has an illuminated LED chip SMD2085, which allows it to use 90% less energy than a typical lamp.

LTD0360-18 5

3.Great quality: This panel light's hydrophobic driver enhances its brightness capabilities.

4. Warranty: These round and square panel light have 2 year warranty with Aluminum and PC material, they are very suitable with regular family and commerial place.

5. Wide range of applications: The LED panel light features a strong aluminum alloy frame with a white finish and runs in the 100V–240V range. It is intended to last five times as long as luminous panels. This LED panel lamp is frequently used for interior illumination in homes, stores, galleries, hotels, restaurants, and other indoor spaces.

LTD0330-LTD0340-LTD0350 详情1

Led panel light with light


Fit with indoor panel light 

LTD0330-LTD0340-LTD0350 详情

Led Panel light indoor


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