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Oteshen lighting wish you happy new year!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-07      Origin: Site

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Oteshen lighting wish you happy new year,more beautiful,more handsome and richer!


Do you know spring festival?Now let me introduce our spring festival!

The Spring Festival occupies an important position in the hearts of every Chinese. The Spring Festival symbolizes the end of a year and a new beginning.

The Spring Festival means reunion, and the whole family gets together in a lively way. Entering the month of December, we are one step closer to the Spring Festival. The weather is getting colder and the flavor of Spring Festival is getting stronger.

Whether you are big friends or children, do you still remember these old fastidiousness full of the flavor of the year?

The Spring Festival folk custom is the New Year's ceremony. It is for us to celebrate and enjoy ourselves at home when we say goodbye to the old and welcome the new,

Let's love life more and cherish time.

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