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Best Selling Downlight Fixture

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  • TS96/TS97

  • Aluminum

  • Black White


Best Selling Downlight Fixture

Model TS96 TS97
Dimension 74*74*140mm 80*140mm
Material  Aluminum Aluminum
Appliance hotel、home-lighting、recreation place、supermarket、office building

The benefits of our downlight fixture  are as follows:

TS97 场景图

The exquisite smallness of the LED downlight fixture contributes to the room's overall integration. The application is more comprehensive and adaptable, making it suitable for use in rooms throughout the house like the living room, porch, cabinet, and background wall. Bright, cozy, and inviting lights are present.

It is very easy to install .And our TS96 TS97 downlight fixture have two size :round size and square size .And our TS96 97 downlight fixture have two color for your option .We have black color and white color for your option .


The LED downlight fixture's exquisitely small size helps the space to blend together as a whole. Because of the application's increased versatility and breadth, spaces throughout the house such the living room, porch, cupboard, and background wall can all benefit from its utilization. The lighting fixture is pleasant, warm, and inviting.

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