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Cast-Aluminium LED Downlight

  • M5930
  • 12W
  • Cast-Aluminum

L5930-1Led Downlight

Product Description

Wattage M5930-12
Dimension 178*178*65mm
Lighting Efficiency 100lm/W
Lumen 1200lm
The Beam Angle 40
Color Rendering Index
Color White

There are numerous useful benefits to our LED Downlights for you:

Installation in bathroom vanities and mirror cabinets is ideal for Oteshen LED, the most variety of LED daylight lamps. Low consumption, energy savings, environmental preservation, practicality, and other benefits are a few of its benefits. It is commonly used in interior design.

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Simple Installation: There are only three steps required to install the LED Downlight. The mounting bracket must be attached to the ceiling. Organize the cables. Fix the Downlight with a clamp to the mounting bar. Without the need of additional equipment or staff, this LED Downlight for the living room may be installed more quickly, simply, and safely by connecting cables and twisting the light to the ceiling.

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Safe to Use: High-quality, fireproof material that is sturdy, drop-resistant, and has good heat dissipation is used to make the LED dwonlights. Do not buzz or flicker, and keep your eyes safe.

High Quality: Our LED downlights have sturdy, drop-resistant shells constructed of high-quality Cast-Aluminium that also have good heat dissipation.

We appreciate your business and provide a 2-year warranty. Please get in touch with us if our LED dwonlight lamp falls short of your expectations, and we will do all in our power to make things right.


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