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Free New Design 6W Aluminium ABS Iron Plastic COB LED Downlight

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  • LTD0530-6

  • 6W

  • Aluminium ABS Iron


LTD0530-6 LTD0540-10 LTD0550-15 LTD0560-30 (6)

Led Downlight (White)

Product Description

Wattage LTD0530-6
Dimension Ф90X45mm
Lighting Efficiency 65lm/W
Lumen 370lm
The Beam Angle 120
Color Rendering Index
Color White

There are numerous useful benefits to our LED Downlights for you:

Traditional down lamps are different from Oteshen LED Office Downlights in a number of respects. Due to their unique qualities, including high efficiency, safety, energy efficiency, environmental protection, high color rendering index, and others, they are widely used in offices.

LTD0530 60Modern Design: The look of Oteshen LED Office Downlights is cylindrical, and there are buckle and suspension installation options for your selection. The square shape and 120-degree light-emitting angle of these lights help to distribute the light more evenly throughout the office. The basic and robust design also works well in any environment.

Environmental Material: Oteshen LED Downlights use a sturdy die-cast aluminum shell, which is an environmentally friendly material. The aluminum radiator can transmit high-performance heat dissipation since it is made of a material with strong thermal conductivity. It can effectively extend the life of the spotlight and has excellent craftsmanship, strength, and durability.

Full Certificates: Both CE and ERP certificates are easily accessible to service various markets. And other certificates are ready. If you need any further credentials, kindly get in touch with us. For the full series of LED Downlighting, IES files are also included.

Reduced energy consumption for urban lighting is made possible by eco-friendly LED office downlights. Oteshen may have the best products available to you, and we believe that they may meet all of your needs. The Oteshen LED Office Downlights are something to think about.


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