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GU10 Garden Light Downlight Fixture

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  • TS127-2 TS127S-2

  • 2*GU10

  • PC

  • 65


1) IP65 waterproof, dust proof

2) 1*GU10 down lighter, 2*GU10 up and down

3) Replaceable LED GU10 light source

4) PC body, very safe.

5) Round and square shape available

6) White/black body color avaiable

7) Good for both outdoor and indoor use

8) Easy installation

TS127-1 TS127-2 TS127S-1 TS127S-2
Dimension  80*72*95mm 150*72*95mm 80*72*95mm 150*72*95mm
Material  PC PC PC PC
Lampholder 1*GU10 2*GU10
1*GU10 2*GU10
TS127系列原图 (84)

Outdoor garden wall lamps by Oteshen, the TS127, are waterproof and offer an up-and-down luminosity. It benefits from stability of current, resistance to dampness, and excellent efficiency.

Our outdoor wall lamp offers the following benefits for you practically:

Simple And Distinctive Oteshen Outdoor garden Wall Lamp's distinctive design blends seamlessly with other accents. Spray paint can be utilized in some humid areas, but the shell uses a more sophisticated spraying technique. Suitable for garages, gardens, hallways, porches, and other spaces.


Sunscreen And Waterproof: The Oteshen Outdoor garden Wall Lamp's IP65 waterproof and waterproof construction allows it to adapt to any typical weather, so you don't have to worry about a malfunction brought on by water infiltration. The wall lamp has an aluminum body, which can more efficiently dissipate heat, safeguard the circuit, and significantly increase the lifespan of the LED garden wall light.

High color rendering index: The Oteshen Outdoor garden Wall Lamp has a color rendering index of 80, which is considered to be high. The object's color is more abundant because of the high degree of color restoration. Use Oteshen TS127 to illuminate the courtyard at night for a brighter appearance.

    Three color temperatures are available for the Oteshen Outdoor Garden Wall Lamp: 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K. Choose one of the three temperatures to satisfy your preference. In addition. 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, RED, YELLOW, GREEN, and BULE are all available in the Oteshen TS127 courtyard wall lamp.a variety of options to satisfy your needs.

If you are looking for reliable OEM /ODM partner ,Oteshen lighting is your best choice .Welcome to contact us to have a long team cooperation for common success .


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