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GU10 LED Surface Mount Downlight Fixtures

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  • TS42 TS43 TS44

  • Aluminum

Model Dimension Material
TS42 65*100mm Aluminum
TS43 76*125mm Aluminum
TS44 103*145mm Aluminum
TS42 43 44

TS42 43 44

TS42 43 44

   Long lifespan: A good heat dissipation is guaranteed by an aviation-grade aluminum heat sink. The self-made high-quality driver ensures the stability of the electrical system. Additionally, we consistently employ top-notch LED light sources. Our LED downlight  has a long life of 30000 hours thanks to all of these, per the long life test data from Oteshen laboratory. Significant assurance policy We have complete faith in our LED downlight . We guarantee quality for two years. During the warranty time, we will replace the downlight for consumers if there are any quality issues.

  To make your life simple and convenient, Oteshen will always provide you the best deals and premium goods. We at Oteshen are confident that we can offer you the best product to satisfy all of your needs. You should consider the Otshen LED downlight fixture.


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