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IP44 ABS Led Wall Lights IP44 ABS Led Wall Lights
IP44 ABS Led Wall Lights IP44 ABS Led Wall Lights
IP44 ABS Led Wall Lights IP44 ABS Led Wall Lights
IP44 ABS Led Wall Lights IP44 ABS Led Wall Lights
IP44 ABS Led Wall Lights IP44 ABS Led Wall Lights


IP44 ABS Led Wall Lights

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  • LBD5440-8

  • 8W

  • ABS

  • IP44


IP44 ABS Led Wall Lights

Model code LBD5440-8
Input parameter 100-265V,50/60Hz
Lighting efficiency 80Lm/W
Dimension 105X95X135mm
hotel、home-lighting、recreation place、supermarket、office building

Different from the typical wall lamp is the Oteshen LBD5440-8 LED Outdoor Wall Light. It is frequently used outside and has special benefits including great brightness, safety, energy efficiency, environmental protection, and more.

Our Main LBD5440-8 has many practical advantages for you:


High brightness & Three color temp: The light source of the LBD5440-8 is refracted from above and below. The quirky design stands out in outdoor settings and interiors, matching both outdoor and indoor decor. There are three different light intensities for customers to choose: natural light, warm light and cold light. Depending on the amount of light inside and outside, we can vary the brightness of the lights.

Weather-resistant: Due to its extreme hardness, ABS material exhibits strong impact resistance, scratch resistance, dimensional stability, and other qualities, as well as moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. As a result, it can be used in wet, basement, and coastal environments.

Fancy style: The LED Outdoor Wall Light has a fancy design and is simple to match with many types of home decor. creates a premium design by lining up exactly with the light. To produce nice lighting, install an ABS shade on the stairwell interior or the exterior walls.


Easy to install: We offer you all the tools you need to install it as soon as you get it. It's not difficult to construct our light if you follow the directions. You can assemble your LED outdoor wall light in just five easy steps. It is simple to hang the light.

After a long hard day, you won't want to use the earlier wall light once you start utilizing this well-known outdoor wall light. It is the best choice for areas like gardens, hallways, shopping centers, art exhibits, and other venues. Oteshen Lighting strives to create the best lighting systems and solutions.

OTESHEN is a reliable OEM/ODM partner, Oteshen lighting is  your best choice. Welcome to contact us to have a long term cooperation for common success.


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