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Led Batten Light LXT251U

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  • LXT251U

  • 6W

  • Plastic


T5 Linkable batten lightLed Batten Light (White)

Product Description

Wattage LXT251U-6
Dimension Ф600*36*23mm
Lighting Efficiency 100lm/W
Lumen 600lm
The Beam Angle 140
Color Rendering Index
Color White

There are numerous useful benefits to our LED Batten Lights for you:

The Oteshen LED batten is unique compared to other LED battens. It is widely utilized in commerce due to its special benefits, which include energy savings and a high color rendering index.

TS系列详情_03High Luminous Flux: For large interior applications, this Oteshen LED batten can satisfy all of your lighting requirements. They are perfect for both home and commercial lighting because of their consistent color stability and 80+ high CRI that display realistic color.

Stable Safety: On this product, you may trust for high quality, safe operation, and electricity cost savings. It has been equipped with premium LEDs, which will enable energy savings of up to 65% during its lifespan and 30,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. It is devoid of mercury, UV, infrared, and other dangerous radiation.


More Decoration: Our LED batten is ideal for usage in a variety of locations, including garages, stairwells, offices, schools, laundry rooms, corridors, workshops, homes, kitchens, closets, basements, garages, under cabinet illumination, and other commercial spaces.

High-quality Material: Our lighting fixture is constructed from premium components and uses constant current drivers, which are incredibly precise and efficient. Neither dimmer lighting nor annoying flashing are present.

The use of eco-friendly LED batten is essential for improving the energy efficiency of city lighting. We think Oteshen's products might be the best ones you can get and that they might satisfy all of your needs. The best option is the Oteshen light fixture.


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