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LED Recessed Slim Downlight 5G Plus

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  • LTH1820B-3 LTH1830B-5 LTH1830B-7 LTH1840-9 LTH1850-12

  • 3W/5W/7W/9W/12W

  • Plastic



LED Recessed Slim Downlight 5G Plus (White/Black)

Product Description

Wattage LTH1820B-3 LTH1830B-5 LTH1830B-7 LTH1840-9 LTH1850-12
Dimension Ф74*20mm Ф74*20mm Ф74*20mm Ф105*31mm Ф125*35mm
Lighting Efficiency 80lm/W 90lm/W 90lm/W 100lm/W 100lm/W
Lumen 245lm 434lm 434lm 900lm 1200lm
The Beam Angle 42 43 43 38 38
Color Rendering Index
80 80 80 80 80
Color White/Black White/Black White/Black White/Black White/Black

There are numerous useful benefits to our LED Ceiling Lights for you:

With more than 49 years of experience and a wide selection of ceiling lamps, Oteshen is the leading supplier of LEDs. One of the most fundamental types of day-to-day lighting is provided by LED ceiling lamps. They contain a variety of special features, and we think they can satisfy all of your requirements.

6G阿里详情02High Lighting Performance: The LED ceiling light has a high brightness and may save more than 85% of the energy used by a 3, 5, 7, or 12W incandescent bulb. The brilliant white light may completely transform the appearance of your room or hallway when used to replace old light fixtures.

High Color Rendering: With Super Color rendering, the actual colors seen in the ceiling light can be more accurately recreated (Ra≥80).


Simple to Install: The installation takes just a few simple steps to finish. After placing the base beneath the ceiling and attaching the light with screws, you are finished. A new circular flush mount ceiling light with a thin white finish that is rustproof complements many house designs.

Full Set of Certificate: CE, ERP and COC certificates are easily accessible to service various markets. If you need any further credentials, kindly get in touch with us. For the full series of Oteshen LED Ceiling Lighting, IES files are also included.

The Oteshen LED Ceiling Lamp can both illuminate and embellish your home. This lamp can improve the aesthetics of your home and provide your family a contemporary and romantic environment.


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