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Led Outdoor Stair Lights Led Outdoor Stair Lights
Led Outdoor Stair Lights Led Outdoor Stair Lights
Led Outdoor Stair Lights Led Outdoor Stair Lights
Led Outdoor Stair Lights Led Outdoor Stair Lights
Led Outdoor Stair Lights Led Outdoor Stair Lights


Led Outdoor Stair Lights

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  • LBD2650-2

  • 2W

  • PC

  • IP65

Model code LBD2650B-2 LBD2650-2
Input parameter 100-240VAC,50/60Hz 100-240VAC,50/60Hz
Lighting efficiency 40lm/W 43lm/W
Dimension 83*123*23mm 83*123*35mm
hotel、home-lighting、recreation place、supermarket、office building

Led Outdoor Stair Lights

One of the expert light sources is the Oteshen LED step light. In terms of superior brightness, safety, energy efficiency, and environmental protection both inside and outside, it has clear advantages over other step lights. 

Our top priorities are a long service life, a quality assurance policy, a good design, and exceptional brightness.

Our Main LBD2650-2 has many practical advantages for you:



High brightness & Three color temp: The LBD step lamp LBD2650-2 is beautifully crafted and has a unique design. Intensities of natural, warm, and cool light are available to customers, with color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 6500K. The brightness of the light can be adjusted in accordance with the ambient lighting both inside and outside.

Weather-resistant: This LED step light's material is PC. Its resistance to corrosion, water, and dust distinguishes it from other inexpensive plastics. The IP65 protection grade of our LED outdoor wall light also makes it the perfect choice for indoor settings like living rooms, bedrooms, stairwells, corridors and outdoor.

Modern style: LED step light LBD2650-2 has a modern design. This low wattage light emits low luminosity and is suitable for use on stairs and bedrooms. The unique design of this sconce produces brilliant light effects that can easily match a variety of indoor and outdoor decor styles.

LBD2650-2 (5)

Easy to install: When the lamp is delivered, we will provide you with the necessary tools and installation instructions to help you quickly install the lamp. If you follow the instructions, hanging it shouldn't be a problem.

Color option: We offer the LBD2650-2 LED light in white and black for your convenience. If you want different colors, we can custom make anything for you. Client feedback has been completely positive.

The quality of our items for up to 5 years. Furthermore, we provide free 3D design, samples, and casting molds. We also have the whole set of CE/ERP/CB/COC certificates.

OTESHEN is a reliable OEM/ODM partner, Oteshen lighting is  your best choice. Welcome to contact us to have a long term cooperation for common success.


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