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PC Recessed LED Downlight Fixture

  • TS160 TS160S TS161 TS162 TS163 TS164 TS165
  • MR16/AR70/PAR20/PAR30/AR11
  • PC
  • Black White
Dimension  Cut out 
TS160S 75*26mm 60mm PC
TS160 102*25mm 80mm PC
TS161 102*25mm


TS162 130*27mm 105mm PC
TS163 130*27mm 105mm PC
TS164 170*27mm 145mm PC
TS165 170*27mm 145mm PC

The following benefits apply to our downlight light fixture:


The design down lights are frequently used in the living room, bedroom, and other domestic settings. Down lights of the Oteshen TS160 TS160S TS161 TS162 TS163 TS164 TS165 design are unique from conventional down lights. They have unique features including high efficiency, energy savings, and environmental protection and may be widely used in various contexts.

Our TS160 TS160S TS161 TS162 TS163 TS164 TS165 have different color .For example black and white .

TS164 B

It use with PC material .The advantages of pc are: high strength and elastic coefficient, high impact strength, a wide range of temperature; High transparency and free staining; Low shrinkage and good size stability; Good fatigue resistance; Good weather resistance; Excellent electrical characteristics; Good impact resistance and transparency, with hot water and corrosive solution washing treatment without deformation and keep transparent.

Simple to install: We provide you with the necessary tools, allowing you to do it as soon as you receive it. If you follow the instructions, building our light is not difficult. Your LED  downlight fixture may be put together in just five simple steps. The light is easy to hang.

Oteshen lighting has many model of LED downlight fixture for your option .Also included is a 2-year warranty and 100% quality assurance.

And we also can provide free 3D design ,free sample ,free casting mould available .

Lighting source swappable: The MR16 and GU10 light bulbs and the LED Design Downlights' base may both be swapped out.

Lighting that can be slanted with horizontal rotations and vertical tilts is great for altering the beam's angle.

If you are looking for a reliable OEM /ODM partner ,Oteshen lighting is your best choice .Welcome to contact us to have a long team cooperation for common success .


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