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Focus On Quality Underpins Our ISO 9001 Certified Production Process

The manufacturing process undergoes rigorous oversight to ensure products meet the highest quality specifications.
  • Top-grade materials used for long-lasting products
  • ISO 9001 certified production system for quality management
  • Clear rules and well-trained staff for smooth cross-departmental collaboration
  • Thorough product testing at different stages to meet high safety and quality standards

Suppliers of raw materials we trust and rely on

Sanan Optoelectronics
The best lighting-class LED manufacturers in China.
The leading global manufacturer of lighting-class LEDs.

Exceptional suppliers of outdoor LED drivers.

The foremost manufacturer of LED drivers for outdoor use.

Our procedure for testing products

To ensure the high quality and dependability of our LED fixtures, we conduct a total of 13 tests, a selection of which are provided below.

High-Temperature Test

As per our rigorous quality standards, we subject the products to a test in 85°C hot for 1.5 hours, and any defective parts are eliminated.

IES photometric testing

After the completion of product manufacturing, we conduct IES photometric testing to ensure that the lamps meet the qualified parameters for luminous intensity distribution and chromaticity distribution in different directions in space.





Waterproof Test

The waterproof test is conducted to evaluate the waterproof performance of the lights. These fixtures are sprayed with a low-pressure water gun for approximately one hour to achieve an IP65 waterproof rating.

Aging Test

Following the production process, we subject all the assembled LED lights to a 2-hour aging test to eliminate any burnt out or defective components. Our quality control team meticulously inspects the final units to ensure their color temperature and light levels meet the required standards.

Product Certifications

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