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Recessed LED Downlight Fixture

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  • TS179S/TS179/TS180/TS181/TS182/TS183/TS184

  • PC

  • White


Recessed LED Downlight Fixture

Model Dimension Cut out  Material  Fitter
127.4*65*30mm 65*65mm PC MR11
TS179 142.4*80*30mm 80*80mm PC MR11
TS180 142.4*80*30mm 80*80mm PC MR16
TS181 170.4*108*30mm 108*108mm PC AR70
TS182 170.4*108*30mm 108*108mm PC PAR20
TS183 210.4*148*35mm 148*148mm PC PAR30
TS184 210.4*148*35mm 148*148mm PC AR111


The following benefits apply to our downlight light fixture:

   The design down lights are frequently used in the living room, bedroom, and other domestic settings. Down lights of the Oteshen TS79S TS179 TS180 TS181 TS182 TS183 TS184 design are unique from conventional down lights. They have unique features including high efficiency, energy savings, and environmental protection and may be widely used in various contexts.

TS179S 180

TS179 180

Lighting source swappable: Different light bulbs and the LED Design Downlights' base may both be swapped out.

Frameless ,elegant appearance

Connectable with metal connectors to make double ,triple ,quadruple lights 

Change bulb from front ,esay installation 

Broadly used: Our LED Design Downlights are perfect for the bedroom, hallway, living room, closet, office, dressing room, corridor, stair, etc.

Installation is straightforward and doesn't require any other equipment. The installation of LED Design Downlights is simple and doesn't involve any tools.

        If you are looking for a reliable OEM/ODM partner,Oteshen lighting is your best choice .Welcome to contact us to have a long team for commen success .


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