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The 2023 LED Landscape Lighting Trends You Should Know

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-26      Origin: Site

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There are several creative methods to illuminate your garden in 2023 that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You'll find lots of inspiration here for lighting your garden, backyard, patio, outdoor kitchens, or even the steps leading up to your home. In addition to improving safety, outdoor lighting will also increase the usefulness and value of your outdoor living areas.

1. Smart garden lights

In addition to illuminating your garden, garden lights may draw attention to particular plants you might have in your backyard. Smart lighting, on the other hand, elevates this by enabling you to remotely control your light sources. These lights may also be solar-powered, which allows you to minimize your energy usage and makes them an economical and environmentally responsible choice. a wonderful demonstration of cutting-edge lighting technology.

Smart lighting uses technology to provide higher control and security of lighting through remote controls and voice commands. You can now connect your landscape lighting to devices like Alexa and Google Assistant for full control, allowing you to dim, brighten or turn specific lights on and off according to your mood. This saves energy and costs while improving security.

Sensor and solar-powered

Sensor and solar-powered lights are also an emerging trend. Lights turn off automatically when you leave an area, saving energy. Solar lights require no wiring and can adjust lighting timings on their own, relieving you from manually switching lights on and off. While the upfront costs are higher, solar LED lights last 6-7 years with minimal maintenance costs, making them a more sustainable option in the long run. Their wiring-free design also improves safety by eliminating the risk of short circuits.

Overall, smart technology is elevating the lighting industry by providing more innovative and intelligent solutions that make our lives easier.

2. Hardscape lighting around the garden

Feature lighting around the landscape can highlight steps, pillars, pathways and even the edges of your home. Soft downlights help brighten dim areas while also accentuating particular ornaments or elements within your garden.

This type of outdoor lighting is ideal for showcasing sculptures or fountains in your yard, providing illumination that draws the eye without being too bright or intrusive. The gentle glow can beautifully frame architectural details and objects of interest after dusk.

3. Lighting for the Dark Sky

Reducing Light Pollution Through Dark Sky Compatible Lighting

Light pollution, caused by excessive artificial light at night, can have adverse effects on stargazing, wildlife and the environment. As cities expand and more buildings install nighttime lighting, there is a growing movement toward solutions that minimize pollution. One such solution is "dark sky compatible" lighting.

Dark sky lighting fixtures are designed to reduce glare and direct light downward, illuminating only the intended area. Installers also aim to position and shield fixtures to minimize light that escapes upwards.

Many fixture shapes and types have been developed for this purpose. They emit light in a shielded, downward direction to provide visibility while avoiding light pollution. Features like:

• Dimming LEDs allow you to lower light intensity as needed

• Warmer light colors, typically below 3000 Kelvin, are less harmful and distracting than blue-toned light

Dark sky compatible fixtures are becoming more popular. Common shapes include: [ shapes described]

These lighting advances can help preserve the beauty of the night sky while providing appropriate illumination where needed.

4. Motion-activated floodlights for safety and fashion

Floodlights, featuring high output LED bulbs, can provide light for extensive portions of your backyard and property. They are often installed up high on your roof to maximize coverage, illuminating the entire yard below.

Floodlights are ideal when you need to light up your whole yard for an outdoor event or gathering. For even greater convenience, motion-activated floodlights can be installed to remain off until movement is detected, automatically turning on to brighten the area.

This type of lighting offers several benefits:

• Wide angle floodlights effectively light up large sections of your backyard or garden from a single fixture

• Powerful LED bulbs produce high lumen output, giving you ample brightness for your outdoor space

• Motion activation allows floodlights to remain off until needed, improving security and energy efficiency

Floodlighting can be a practical lighting solution to help illuminate large areas of your property for occasions, activities and safety, particularly when installed up high to maximize coverage of your entire yard.

5.Outdoor Solar-Powered Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are a stylish way to illuminate walkways and driveways, and are often included in lighting trend forecasts. Traditionally elaborate, simple cylindrical bollard designs are now in fashion.

Solar-powered bollard lights charge during the day via an integrated panel and automatically switch on at dusk. They require no wiring, making installation easy.

Choosing the Right Bollard Light

Various bollard light styles are available to suit your space and overall aesthetic. Consider:

• The reflector type, which influences light distribution and ambiance

• Arranging zigzag or offset patterns for visual appeal

• Positioning lights around the edges of outdoor areas to define the space at night

• Matching your landscape voltage and choosing low-voltage or line voltage fixtures

• Opting for solar-powered systems for ease of use, especially for commercial applications

Small, subtle bollard lights blend seamlessly into your landscaping during the day while illuminating pathways and features after dark. Solar power means zero energy costs with fully automatic operation.

Well-placed solar bollard lights can elegantly accentuate your outdoor living space at night, requiring no wiring or electrical work for an easy, low-maintenance upgrade.

6. Ground Lighting

Recessed landscape lights buried in the ground offer an elegant, understated look that never feels dated. Since the fixtures are hidden, inground lights create illumination without drawing the eye to the light sources themselves. Their low profile makes them perfect for designing attractive lighting schemes that subtly enhance your outdoor space.

Inground lights can be installed in various ways to:

• Discreetly illuminate pathways and walkways with a alluring glow that also improves safety and security

• Highlight features like plants, benches, statues and fountains by positioning lights strategically

• Light up stairways and driveways using fixtures that can withstand foot and vehicle traffic

• Grace ponds and pools with underwater lights that showcase your water features beautifully at night

Recessed landscape lights provide soft, ambient lighting that accentuates your garden, patio or yard in an understated fashion. The minimal aesthetic and hidden design ensures inground fixtures will enhance - not distract from - your outdoor retreat for many years to come.

7. Diffused wall lighting for a calm atmosphere

Semi-concealed exterior wall sconces for soft ambient illumination are another lighting trend for 2023, with many homeowners employing them to provide supplementary ambient illumination wherever feasible. Such placements include against the outer walls of the house, garage, shed, fence and retaining walls. They are particularly useful when overhead lights are impractical. Many prefer fixtures that have a translucent, semi-opaque shade, giving a warmer, softer glow.

8.Steplights that illuminate when necessary

Motion-activated step lights that illuminate only on demand are one of the latest sustainability-minded lighting trends for 2023. They automatically switch off when no movement is detected, saving energy by illuminating stairs exclusively when needed.

While these stair lights can provide graceful illumination, their primary purpose is safety. The lights can be installed under each step or along the side of each stair, ensuring clear visibility so people can safely navigate the stairs. Motion activation ensures the lights shine precisely when individuals need guidance, rather than wasting energy through continuous lighting.


You can see that there are numerous eye-catching outdoor lighting ideas you may use to enhance safety and the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living space. The majority of these lighting suggestions are also really simple to execute, so you won't have any problem doing so when you find some that you like.

Keeping up with the latest trends can increase the value of your projects. People enjoy experiencing new things, so incorporating modern lighting designs can help you stay competitive. Landscape lighting has evolved rapidly and now offers many popular options. Contact Oteshen Lighting to discuss how their solutions could enhance your next project.

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