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White 5W Plastic COB LED Ceiling Light

  • L6030B-5
  • 5W
  • Plastic


Led Ceiling Light (White)

Product Description

Wattage L6030B-5
Dimension 94*94*66mm
Lighting Efficiency 70lm/W
Lumen 350lm
The Beam Angle 24
Color Rendering Index
Color White

There are numerous useful benefits to our LED Ceiling Lights for you:

Oteshen, a company with more than 49 years of expertise and a wide selection of ceiling lights, is the leading provider of LEDs. One of the most fundamental types of lighting that is utilized every day is LED ceiling lighting. They can satisfy all of your requirements and, in our opinion, have a number of unique qualities.

L6030B-5--L6130B-5详情_013 Color Temperature:The three color temperatures that you have a choice between are warm white (3000K), neutral white (4200K), and cold white (6500K).

Comfort Usage: Because it doesn't flash, glare, or generate radiation, the ceiling lamp is better for your eyes. The most pleasant artificial lighting is provided by the Oteshen ceiling lamp.


Nice Decoration:The ceiling lamp is made of high-quality plastic because of its beautiful and uncomplicated appearance. The greatest alternative for home decor for a living room, bedroom, office, lounge, family room, kitchen, or eating area.

High Reliability: The shell color of the Oteshen LED ceiling lamp won't deteriorate or change over time, unlike the bodies of other metal objects that are oil-brushed or powder-coated.

Oteshen may have the best products available to you, and we believe that they may meet all of your needs. If you want a good solution, pick our Oteshen Ceiling Light!


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