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Hot Selling 3+3w Double Color Panel Light RGB Ceiling Square Indoor Led Panel Light

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  • L15730S-6 ~ L15780S-24

  • 6W/9W/16W/24W

  • Cast-Aluminum

  • White


Products Detail
Model No. Material Power Size Cut out Shape
L15730S-6 Cast-Aluminum 3W+3W 105*105*30mm 75*75mm Square
L15740S-9 Cast-Aluminum 6W+3W 145*145*30mm 105*105mm Square
L15760S-16 Cast-Aluminum 12W+4W 190*190*30mm 150*150mm Square
L15780S-24 Cast-Aluminum 18W+6W 240*240*30mm 205*205mm Square
Product Description

L15730S 4

(1) Cast-Aluminum material

(2) This led panel light can decorate in indoor

(3) Different size for options

(4) 6W, 9W, 16W and 24W

In contrast to conventional downlights that can only be embedded, the Oteshen L15730S-L15780S Modern LED Panel light supports both surface installation and embedded mounting. It is widely used in workplaces and households and has special benefits including high efficiency, safety, energy-saving, environmental protection, high color rendering index and more.

L15730S 3

Adjustable color temperature: The lamp allows you to choose the desired color temperature. Before attaching on the ceiling, you can choose between three different color temperatures, ranging from blue to white, or different color with the flip of a switch.

Longer lifespan: 2 years with a 30-hour warranty. For more than 3 years, high quality and after-sale support have been guaranteed to provide our customers peace of mind.

L15730S (1)

Led panel light with light

L15730S 5

Fit with indoor panel light 

L15730R L15730S

Led Panel light indoor


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