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Guangzhou lighting fair——Oteshen Lighting :Lighting without limits

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-06-11      Origin: Site

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  This exhibition, Oteshen Lighting, takes "Lighting without limits" as its theme, showing unique lamp design and innovative optical technology. Whether you are looking for home lighting solutions or professional lamps for commercial places, we can meet your needs and make light glow with new vitality.

  The products exhibited this time include LED Flexible track light, LED wall light, LED track light, LED magnetic track light, GU10 downlight fixture, Led downlight, LED Garden light, LED inground light, LED Spike light, LED spot light, LED Solar light, LED inground light and many other products. A variety of products can provide customers with a variety of lighting solutions.


  Among them, LED Flexible track light——flexible track light system can be flexibly adjusted and changed according to different needs and scenes. It also reflects the theme of Lighting without limits. It can adapt to spaces of various shapes and sizes, so as to achieve precise positioning and distribution of lights in different environments.This system can be customized according to the specific requirements of users, including the number, power, color and control method of lamps. Users can freely choose and combine various lamps according to their needs and preferences to achieve personalized lighting effects.

  Moreover, the lamps of flexible track lights usually adopt efficient and energy-saving lighting technologies such as LED, with lower energy consumption and longer service life. Through intelligent control and adjustment, energy-saving management and timing adjustment of lights can be achieved to improve energy utilization efficiency.The design of flexible track light systems is usually simple and elegant, with a stylish and beautiful appearance. The lamps themselves can be used as decorative elements to match the interior decoration style, adding art and beauty to the space. Because of the characteristics of the flexible track light system, it provides a broad space for innovative applications in various application scenarios. It can be used in various occasions such as home lighting, commercial places, exhibition halls, stage performances, etc., providing people with a comfortable and convenient lighting experience for life and work.


  In addition to LED Flexible track light, Oteshen lighting also has LED magnetic track light magnetic intelligent lighting system, LED wall light, LED track light and other different types of lamps, which are displayed on site. 

  If you want to know more details, please come to our booth-Guangzhou lighting fair Area B, 10.3 D30 Date:9th-12th June 2024.

  After the exhibition, you can come to visit our factory, where you can see the production line, production equipment, and professional technical explanations by dedicated personnel, as well as quality control processes and standards and other items that you are concerned about.

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