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Led Cabinet Display Lights LTH1310 Led Cabinet Display Lights LTH1310
Led Cabinet Display Lights LTH1310 Led Cabinet Display Lights LTH1310


Led Cabinet Display Lights LTH1310

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  • LTH1310

  • 3W

  • Aluminum

Look!Follow me!Oteshen LED cabinet light LTH1310-3 this kind of light is of great significance to the energy-saving of urban lighting.Oteshen is making effort to offer our best-qualified products, and please have your kind attention on us if we attract you.
Products Detail
Model No. Change or not Material Power Size Shape
LTH1310 not Adjustable Aluminum
3W 52.5*33mm Round
Product Description
1310 1

LED cabinet light

It is reasonably priced and made of aluminum.

This sort of lighting has a significant influence on the energy efficiency of urban lighting.

Oteshen is working hard to produce the highest-quality items available; if we have piqued your interest, please let us know.

Broad Range of Applications: Easy to Install, Can Be Used in a Variety of Circumstances, Suitable for Jewelry Display, Wine Cabinet, Cabinet, Wardrobe, etc.

Excellent CRI, high quality led cabinet light at a reasonable price


1610 3

Cabinet LED lighting

The Oteshen Upmarket Cabinet Lamp enhances the aesthetic and usability of the kitchen while also providing ambience. It might be put on top of the locker, or it could be hidden within or below the locker. LED lighting also saves energy. Adding an Upmarket Cabinet Lamp is a fantastic way to complete the aesthetic of your kitchen and make it easier for you to cook meals that look even better.

Environmentally efficient LED Cabinet lights are critical to urban lighting energy savings. Oteshen can offer you the greatest items; we believe our products will suit all of your requirements. You should consider the Oteshen LED Cabinet lamp.

If you are looking for a reliable OEM/ODM partner, Oteshen lighting is  your best choice. welcome to contact us to have a long term cooperation for common success.


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