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10W 20W 30W 36W COB Led Track Light

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  • LDG1020-10/LDG1030-20/LDG1040-30/LDG1050-36

  • 10W/20W/30W/36W

  • Aluminum


LED Track Light

Led Track Light (Black)

LED Track Light

Led Track Light (White)

Product Description

Wattage LDG1020-10 LDG1030-20 LDG1040-30 LDG1050-36
Dimension Ø60*115mm Ø72*195mm Ø81*220mm Ø91*240mm
Lighting Efficiency 80lm/W 80lm/W 80lm/W 80lm/W
Lumen 870lm 1700lm 2260lm 2800lm
The Beam Angle 35 40 45 50
Color Rendering Index
Color White/Black

There are numerous useful benefits to our LED track lights for you:

Compared to traditional track lights, Oteshen Track Lights are more aesthetically pleasing and timeless. It offers a high lumen efficiency, high color rendering index and high lighting performance look. It can be often utilized in numerous applications with an optional reflector of various angles.

LED Track Light Higher Color Rendering Index: RA> 80. Oteshen Track Lights offer you a fantastic experience in theaters, workplaces, retail establishments, and other settings because to their outstanding color rendering capabilities, which successfully restore the original colors of the surroundings enabling you to have a nice time.

Indoor Decoration: At the moment, home décor is fashionable and ideal for a variety of indoor situations. Oteshen track lighting is used to illuminate the artwork and create a beautiful visual atmosphere.

Many Certificates In The Set: ERP, COC, CE, ROHS, etc. can be used to different markets.

LED Track Light

Unrestricted Free Rotation: The simple rotation of the variable angle allows you to customize a number of angles, is no longer constrained, and is suited for free sports track decoration.

Foldable Support: To conserve space and volume, Oteshen LED track lighting can be folded into the lamp holder. Quite useful!

Rapid Dissipation of Heat: Oteshen LED track lights incorporate a radiator made of aviation aluminum alloy, fix the heat sinking, shield the LED COB Chip and wire, ensure stable operation, and extend the useful life.

Oteshen LED track lighting of the highest caliber is essential for high-quality scenes. The best products are offered by Oteshen, and we are sure that they will meet all of your needs. Whenever possible, pick Oteshen LED track lighting. If you need any further certificates, please contact us.


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