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30W 36W COB Led Track Light LDG2230

  • LDG2230
  • 30W
  • Aluminium

LDG2230-30,LDG2240-36 (6)

Led Track Light (White/Black)

Product Description

Wattage LDG2230
Dimension 127*Ø75mm
Lighting Efficiency 85lm/W
Lumen 3050lm
The Beam Angle 31
Color Rendering Index
Color White/Black

There are numerous useful benefits to our LED track lights for you:

As we all know, the track lighting system is the most versatile sort of lighting. By positioning the rail on the ceiling as you see fit, you may focus light exactly where you need it. Because there are so many alternatives, contemporary designers appreciate it! Use it as the type of lighting used in many modern houses, offices, and public spaces to create a modern and industrial feel. Contact our sales, including lighting fixtures & connectors, for more on our most recent assortment of Oteshen Track Lighting System.

LDG2230-30 LDG2240-36 宣传单张-20210315

Anti-dazzle Function: Oteshen track lights' anti-glare thread feature results in glare levels that are less than 19. High-end track lighting that makes use of an optical reflector cup from a well-known manufacturer to produce a steady light spot and powerful illumination.

Assured Warranty: The electrical system's stability is ensured by the premium driver, which was custom-built. Additionally, we typically employ premium LED lighting. Our LED spotlight has a life of more than 30000 hours as a result of all of these factors, according to the long life test results from the Oteshen research.

Multiple Types: The metal track rail on the Oteshen Track Light allows you to utilize multiple types of bulbs at once and switch them out as necessary. The best advantage of the profile is that it can be used on both walls and ceilings. By selecting from a variety of lamp styles, each with its own individual form and size, you can change the décor of the room in a number of various ways.

With over 49 years of experience in the exporting industry, Oteshen is a manufacturing and trading enterprise. We have been concentrating on lighting since 1984 and have grown a business that manufactures lighting fixtures. An injection workshop, a painting studio, and a die-casting factory are all part of our 34000m2 facility. On-time delivery is possible thanks to our reliable and experienced supply chain. For trusted assistance, kindly get in touch with us!


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