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5W 7W 12W COB Led Track Light

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  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly, LED lights have low power consumption, long lifespan, no mercury and no ultraviolet rays.
  • Flexible and versatile, LED track lights can move and rotate freely on the track, adjusting the direction and angle of the light source.
  • Aesthetic and fashionable, LED track lights have a simple and modern appearance, suitable for various styles of interior decoration.
  • Technologically advanced, LED track lights use efficient constant current drive power supply and high-brightness LED chips to ensure the stability of luminous efficiency and color temperature.
  • LDG1210-5/LDG1220-7/LDG1230-12

  • 5W/7W/12W

  • Aluminium + Plastic


LDG1210-5 (6)

Led Track Light (Black/White)

Product Description

Wattage LDG1210-5 LDG1220-7 LDG1230-12
Dimension Ф43X104X86mm Ф50X110X86mm Ф58X130X86mm
Lighting Efficiency 70lm/W 70lm/W 70lm/W
Lumen 420lm 500lm 800lm
The Beam Angle 60
Color Rendering Index
Color White/Black

There are numerous useful benefits to our LED track lights for you:

In commercial settings like clothing stores, hotels, jewelry stores, and other institutions, Oteshen LED track lights, one of the professional light sources, are commonly employed. These are all upscale locations with strict specifications for top-notch lighting and décor. The primary factors should be a quality assurance policy, good design, excellent brightness, and long service life.

LDG1220-7详情_02Optional Choice: Your choice of a 5W, 7W and 12W LED bulb, and choosing SMD LED Chip and COB LED Chip in warm white 3000K, cool white 4200K, or daylight lighting 6500K is included with each lamp of our Oteshen track lighting.

Anti-dazzle Thread: The anti-glare function of Oteshen track lights results in glare values that are less than 19. High-quality track lighting with a consistent light spot and strong illumination, using an optical reflector cup from a renowned brand.


Installation Services: Both the direct ceiling mounted versions and tracklight versions of Oteshen track lighting are available for installation. For the tracklight version, it has a top track connector that may be either black or white and accommodates various track rail sizes.

Multi-angle Rotation: Each head is rotatable 360 degrees and has an adjustment range of up to 80 degrees. Ideal for usage indoors and elsewhere, Oteshen Track Lights allow you to focus light precisely where it is needed and provide you the freedom to add or remove units as needed without the need for additional lighting.

The unusual and replaceable design of Oteshen Track Lights will definitely make them a popular marketing tool in all markets. Oteshen is committed to giving its valued customers the best services and bringing the best products to market. We are confident that what we have to give will be valued by both customers and nations. Oteshen Track Lights are the best option for you.


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