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A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting the Perfect Track Lighting

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-13      Origin: Site

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track lighting

Many people might not realize that track lighting is not only a key part of modern design but also offers energy savings and reduces lighting replacement costs. LED track lights use about 90% less energy than halogen lamps.

Track lighting also focuses light where needed most, preventing excess illumination. Plus, it saves space and is often customizable based on installation.

However, the many options available can make choosing the right LED track light tricky. To help find the ideal solution for your home or business, we provide the following tips and advice:

What is Track Lighting?

Track lights are adaptable fixtures on rail-like structures, allowing easy beam direction adjustment. They are commonly used as spotlights for focused lighting. The track system has a voltage input and conductive metal strips on both sides, while the light fixture's connection point features a rotating conductive copper piece. During installation, the copper piece contacts the metal strips, enabling power flow and light. Track systems can be straight, curved, or U-shaped, offering various options for consumers. This flexibility allows track lighting to fit seamlessly into any environment.

What are track lights used for?

Utilizing optical-grade reflector cups and optical-grade glass covers,

eliminating glare and light spots.

Track lights mainly serve as specialized spotlights in commercial spaces like shopping malls (clothing and furniture stores), car showrooms, jewelry boutiques, luxury hotels, high-end fashion shops, upscale clubs, exhibition halls, chain stores, brand service centers, professional display windows, and key lighting areas such as countertops. As a crucial part of the spotlight family, track lights significantly impact retail and commercial lighting, making them a popular choice for property and business owners.

Focused lighting, requiring higher brightness, is commonly used for exhibits, paintings, and display models. Track lights provide precise light distribution, emphasizing key points and layers without over-illuminating, creating good visual conditions.

Museums often utilize track lights for focused lighting, quickly distinguishing the main and secondary elements of exhibits and drawing attention. Excellent focused track lighting showcases artistic potential, using light and shadow effects to achieve multi-directional displays with clear layers. Layered track lighting enhances depth and creates mysterious shadowed areas.

Homeowners can install track lights to create comfortable spaces, illuminating dark corridors or entrances. Long hallways can benefit from track lights for both illumination and design, while track lighting on artwork contributes to an art gallery atmosphere.

Remember that track lights are adjustable and offer either warm or bright white light, depending on your needs and preferences.

How do track lights work?

Like any other light, track lights draw power from an electrical circuit. The light fixtures use conductive pieces on the track to make a reliable connection with the conductive strips in the track body, supplying power to the fixtures. Track lights offer flexibility in matching various styles and quantities based on individual needs, and can be easily added to the track as needed, within the power limitations. The number of fixtures added to the track will depend on the track's length and the wattage of each light.

What are the advantages of using track lights?

Track lights provide numerous advantages, such as mobility, powerful lighting options, and versatility, making them an appealing choice for a wide range of lighting needs. Let's explore these benefits in more detail:

  • Flexibility

  • Focused lighting

  • Aesthetic appeal

  • Easy installation

  • Energy efficiency

  • Adjustable brightness and color

Unlike other lighting options, track lighting is incredibly easy to install and allows for easy fixture replacement whenever you need it. Plus, these lights can be easily customised to fit your specific lighting needs.

With track lighting, you can enjoy long-lasting and energy-efficient illumination that brightens up any space. Plus, the changeable design means that you can alter the look of your lighting without having to make any significant changes to your ceiling or walls.

Two-wire, Three-wire and Four-wire track lights,How to choose?

Track lighting comes in two-wire, three-wire, and four-wire configurations. Both two-wire and three-wire tracks have a single circuit. The two-wire track has one live and one neutral wire, while the three-wire track adds a grounding wire for safety.

The four-wire track has three circuits for intelligent control, allowing users to choose which lights are on or off. This configuration is the only one that supports an intelligent dimming system. It's popular in Europe, so most four-wire track lights follow European standards.

Two-wire tracks are common in India, Japan, and China, while Brazil, the US, and some Southeast Asian countries prefer three-wire tracks.

Application of track lights in Residential lighting

In homes with lower ceilings, installing complex and luxurious chandeliers may not be suitable, while ceiling lights can appear ordinary and lack personality. Track lighting solves these issues as it features a simple design with a cool, unique style that can adapt to various interior designs.They also don't have a fixed installation space, and that's because they can fit in any room in your home, the following are common application spaces:

Space/Scenario Benefits of Track Lighting
TV Background Wall Reduces glare from the TV screen, protects eyesight, and creates a unique style
Dining Area Focuses light on food, making it more appetizing and inviting
Kitchen Acts as a supplementary light source, directly illuminating the workspace
Dressing Room Provides soft and bright light, elevating the ambiance of the room
Bathroom Offers adjustable angles to meet various lighting needs, improving visibility when looking in the mirror

Application of track lights in Commercial Lighting

In commercial lighting, the use of light and shadow is crucial, as skillful lighting application can transform a dull atmosphere into a dynamic one. Track lighting, with its adjustable angles and interchangeable positions, has become an essential fixture in many retail spaces. Here, we will discuss how track lighting can be effectively applied in commercial lighting settings.

Track Lighting for Side Lighting Applications

Adjusting the track light to a 45-degree angle from the side creates a slanted light direction, typically from the left or right front. This is the most common lighting position used in displays. Slanted lighting highlights the depth and dimension of the subject, such as a model or clothing. Side lighting, also known as 90-degree side lighting, illuminates the subject from the side, creating a strong contrast between light and shadow.

Track Lighting for Top Lighting Applications

By positioning the track light vertically to the ground, top lighting is created. This type of lighting illuminates the top of the subject, resulting in prominent shadows and enhancing the three-dimensional appearance of the displayed item.

Track Lighting for Store Entrance Applications

If customers are attracted by a window display, they may consider entering the store. Placing track lighting at the entrance can increase the illumination at the entrance, brightening the overall store and increasing the likelihood of attracting customers to come inside.

Track Lighting for Enclosed Lighting Applications

In commercial lighting applications, such as enclosed display cases, track lighting allows for relatively independent and flexible lighting arrangements. Top or frontal lighting can be implemented within a small area, significantly increasing the brightness of the displayed items. This focused lighting effect emphasizes key features and creates a strong visual impact.

How to Choose the Best Track Lights

A great way to begin is by determining how many lumens of light are needed to ensure adequate illumination in your space, and this calculation is quite simple. Keep in mind that it's not always necessary, but understanding this information can be helpful depending on the area you're decorating. All you need to do is multiply the length and width of the room in question.

To find the minimum lumens or wattage needed for the space, multiply that number by 1.5. If your ceiling is of standard height, around eight feet, go ahead and divide the previous value by the wattage of the bulbs you'll be using. When shopping, you may also want to consider the color temperature of the light.

Measured in Kelvins, it determines the warmth or coolness of the light. For reference, a lower Kelvin value indicates a warmer light, similar to incandescent bulbs. If you prefer a brighter, more natural light, look for options with higher Kelvin values.

Typical household track lighting systems range between 2700K-3000K. This implies that some lighting choices are better suited for cozy reading nooks, while others may be more appropriate for kitchen or dining areas.

How to Choose the Best Track Lights for Your Space

Initially, you need to determine the location for your track lights. Identifying where the track lighting will be placed helps you understand the design requirements for the light itself. For instance, specific lights are more suitable for small workspaces, while other options are better for bustling areas intended for socializing.

The lighting enhancement you seek depends on the space in question. Next, consider the type of light output you desire. LED track lights are an excellent choice, offering high brightness while consuming less energy.

This results in lower electricity bills and reduced need for frequent bulb replacements. If you prefer dimmable track lights, ensure the options you consider explicitly state their dimmability on the packaging or in the product description.

Another important aspect when selecting the ideal track lights for your space is the beam angle. This refers to the light beam's width emitted from the fixture, measured in degrees. A broader beam angle offers more coverage, whereas a narrower beam angle provides more concentrated light.

Now, let's explore some top-rated flexible track lighting products, their unique features, and how users can benefit from them.

Oteshen's Best Track Lights For 2023

COB Led Track Light 36W in Black or WhiteLED track lighting

Top Features:

Oteshen track lights feature an anti-glare thread design, resulting in glare levels below 19.

Reliable Warranty: The custom-built premium driver ensures the electrical system's stability. 

This high-end track lighting utilizes a renowned manufacturer's optical reflector cup to create a consistent light spot and powerful illumination.

Reliable Warranty: The custom-built premium driver ensures the electrical system's stability.

Oteshen's LED spotlight boasts a lifespan of over 30,000 hours, according to the long-life test results from Oteshen research.

Versatile Options: Oteshen Track Light's metal track rail allows for the use of multiple bulb types simultaneously and easy replacement as needed.

It's widely recognized that track lighting systems offer unparalleled versatility in lighting. By strategically placing the rail on the ceiling, you can direct light precisely where it's needed. With its abundance of options, modern designers find it particularly appealing! Employ track lighting in contemporary homes, offices, and public spaces to evoke a modern and industrial ambiance.

Oteshen's Best Track Lights For 2023

COB LED track lighting

50W COB Led Track Light

Top Features:

The lamp housing is made of high-quality aluminum through die-casting, 

featuring a unique heat dissipation system. 

This effectively keeps the LED junction temperature below 70 degrees, 

with the lamp body temperature around 40-50 degrees (depending on the indoor temperature).

The light source uses high-quality imported LEDs,

 ensuring uniform light output and stable performance of the fixture.

Low power consumption: a 50W LED track light can replace a traditional 450-500W lamp.

Utilizing optical-grade reflector cups and optical-grade glass covers,

eliminating glare and light spots.

The power supply uses a high-efficiency isolated power supply, 

making the entire fixture more stable and safer.

Certified by international standards CE and RoHS.

Additionally, the LED technology provides up to 50,000 hours of usage, leading to substantial long-term savings. The 5-year warranty further enhances its reputation as a dependable and durable choice.

The sturdy aluminum construction and swappable lenses with beam angles of 15°, 24°, 36°, or 60° enable precise lighting control where necessary.

In summary, the Oteshen COB 50W LED track head light is an excellent choice for those seeking a flexible, enduring, and visually appealing lighting solution for residential or commercial spaces.

Aluminum 12W 15W COB LED Track LightCOB LED track lighting

Top Features:

High CRI and brightness: The Oteshen Track Lamp uses a high-quality LED chip with excellent CRI (>80) and 

brightness (>75 lm/w for 12W and 120 lm/w for 15W), providing better color rendering, energy efficiency, and environmental protection.

Modern design: The Ares LED track light family has a sleek integrated aluminum body for great heat dissipation, a high-quality reflective ring for precise lighting, and a consistent hue.

Easy installation: With its simple design and quick setup, Oteshen track lights are perfect for those who have renovated but not added main lights. 

They offer flexible placement and an elegant look.

Versatility: The LED track light's multi-adaptor system allows easy adjustment of the beam angle. 

Consistent quality and competitive pricing help expand your market. The minimalist design is ideal for living rooms, kitchens, and hallways.

The long-lasting LED life of 35,000 hours ensures the durability of this lighting solution.

A three-year warranty on the Oteshen 15W LED track head light offers additional confidence in its quality and long-lasting performance.

The Oteshen COBLED 15W track head light presents a remarkably modern and high-quality lighting choice. As a product from the reputable and well-established Oteshen brand, you can rely on this track head light's fine craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Available in two stylish and contemporary colors, black and white, this track head light is constructed from robust aluminum, ensuring longevity and durability. Its 15W wattage and LED technology provide a potent and energy-efficient lighting solution suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

With a CRI (Color Rendering Index) above 80, this track head light guarantees vibrant and accurate colors, making it ideal for showcasing artwork or creating a cozy, welcoming ambiance in any space. Its 35,000-hour LED lifespan guarantees long-lasting enjoyment of this lighting solution.

Oteshen backs this device with a three-year warranty, giving further confidence in its quality and durability. The Oteshen LED 15W track head light is a reliable, energy-saving, and visually appealing option for various lighting needs.

LED Track Light Aluminium GU10 Downlight Fixture in Black or WhiteGU10 led track light fixtures

Top Features:

The GU10 track light fixture, made from aluminum alloy material, offers an easy-to-install, cost-effective, and highly adaptable lighting solution.

Featuring an aluminum construction with a built-in GU10 lamp holder, our product boasts a customizable body length, setting it apart from competitors. The aluminum body also ensures excellent heat dissipation.

Easy to Install: With multiple installation options, including surface mounting and recessed base/track/switch control, this kit offers versatility and longevity.

The GU10 lamp holder is easily replaceable, making the setup adaptable and durable.

The Oteshen GU10 track light, made from top-grade aluminum alloy, offers an easy, cost-effective, and adaptable lighting solution. Its unique customizable body length sets it apart from competitors, providing great heat dissipation due to the aluminum structure.

Oteshen's track light features a sleek, elegant design, emphasized by a transparent acrylic ring following standard dimensions. Its attention to detail makes it perfect for any space, showcasing the brand's dedication to high-quality products.

Installing Oteshen's GU10 track light is simple with options like surface mounting and recessed base/track/switch control. Its adaptability ensures a long-lasting, durable solution and the easy-to-replace GU10 lamp holder adds convenience. Choose Oteshen for a dependable and stylish lighting solution.

Discover a World of Options 

When searching for track lighting for commercial or residential spaces, Oteshen is the ideal choice. With a wide range of lighting options, such as LED magnetic track lights, solar lighting, and downlights, customers will have no shortage of choices.

Oteshen takes it a step further by offering comprehensive guides to help customers select the perfect lighting solution for their needs. As a result, shoppers can enjoy a diverse and extensive array of products and accessories.

Partner with Confidence 

For those seeking a dependable OEM/ODM partner, look no further than Oteshen Lighting. We welcome inquiries for long-term collaboration and mutual success, ensuring that you have a trustworthy and committed partner in the lighting industry.

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