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Leading Manufacturer of LED Flexible track Light in China

The Oteshen LED Flexible track lighting system uses a 48V low-voltage platform with sleek tracks for LED modules. Endlessly versatile, offers the freedom to combine different levels o diffuseand focused illumination as never before to create a unique atmosphere in any intertior.

Oteshen stands as China's leading Flexible track lighting manufacturer, factory, offering a diverse range of top-quality lighting solutions. As the leading Flexible track lighting provider, we ensure competitive pricing and hassle-free shipping for wholesale purchases. Whether you select from our standard designs or require customized lighting solutions for your project, we can cater to your specific needs. Our Flexible track lights are CE and RoHS certified, with options for ETL, UL, CSA, SAA, and CB magnetic track lights available upon request.

 Flexible Track Light Installation Type

1.Each belt can be cut as needed by knife.
2.Simple Press&Lock buckle technology for easy installation
  and connection.
3.The belt offer adjustments in tension from taut to relaxed.
4.You can move the luminaire freely to any position.

Luminaire types and lighting effects

Sphere 360°
Diffusion lighting
distributes light equally in all
directions (360°). It attracts a
relaxed gaze towards the point
of light, and creates a calm, very
comfortable atmosphere.
The light sphere bathes all
surfaces of the space, producing
a peaceful, richer and extremely
homogenous ambience.
Directed diffusion lighting
emits a soft light that generates
low contrasts between the
illuminated areas and the
shadows cast. The opaque part
of the shade helps to direct
the light through the diffuser,
providing illumination that is both
peaceful and concentrated at the
same time.
Directed diffusion lighting
emits a soft light that generates
low contrasts between the
illuminated areas and the
shadows cast. It is ideal for
reading situations or when the
light output is visible, as it does
not produce glare.
Linear Diffuser
General lighting
provides a high degree of uniformity
on the horizontal plane and
generates a Prst layer of illumination
on which to add more specific
lighting applications. It generates
soft shadows and subdued
brightness in which the space and
its component elements do not
display visual hierarchies.

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