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Cast-Aluminium 10W 18W 24W COB Led Track Light

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  • LDG0920S

  • 10W

  • Cast-Aluminium


LDG0940S-24 黑色

Led Track Light (Black)

LDG0940S-24 白色

Led Track Light (White)

Product Description

Wattage LDG0920S
Dimension 105X45X80mm
Lighting Efficiency 70lm/W
Lumen 670lm
The Beam Angle 25
Color Rendering Index
Color White/Black

There are numerous useful benefits to our LED track lights for you:

Oteshen Track Lights are more attractive and classic than regular track lights. It offers numerous advantages, including outstanding color rendering, high lumen efficiency, and high illumination performance. It is frequently used in a range of applications and comes with an optional reflector at a variety of angles.

LDG2120-15 LDG2130-20 情景图02-20210312Indoor Installation: Bedrooms, walk-in closets, living rooms, corridors, entryways, dining rooms, kitchens, and other areas benefit from its use. You can direct light precisely where it is needed, and you may add or remove track light units as needed, eliminating the need for multiple lightings.

LDG2120-15 LDG2130-20 情景图01-20210312

Functional Use: Oteshen track lights provide the versatility to provide both ambient lighting and accent lighting to highlight decorative or functional items. It is easily expandable by affixing additional track lighting units to the track as necessary, and it can be turned to shine in the direction you like. For a stronger impact, use more.

Unquestionably, the distinctive and removable structure of Track Lights will be a well-liked marketing point in all markets. Oteshen will always be committed to providing all of its cherished clients with the best products and expert services. We are confident that both customers and nations will be pleased with our offerings. The best option for you is Oteshen Track Lights.


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