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Custom Design Aluminium 30W Up Down Rotaion Adjustable COB Led Track Light

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  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly, LED lights have low power consumption, long lifespan, no mercury and no ultraviolet rays.
  • Flexible and versatile, LED track lights can move and rotate freely on the track, adjusting the direction and angle of the light source.
  • Aesthetic and fashionable, LED track lights have a simple and modern appearance, suitable for various styles of interior decoration.
  • Technologically advanced, LED track lights use efficient constant current drive power supply and high-brightness LED chips to ensure the stability of luminous efficiency and color temperature.
  • LDG2640-30

  • 30W

  • Aluminium


LDG2640-30 (9)

Led Track Light (White)

Product Description

Wattage LDG2640-30
Dimension Ø140X90X170mm
Lighting Efficiency 80lm/W
Lumen 2300lm
The Beam Angle 25
Color Rendering Index
Color White

There are numerous useful benefits to our LED track lights for you:

Oteshen LED track lights, one of the professional light sources, are frequently used in commercial settings, such as apparel stores, hotels, jewelry stores, and other institutions. All of these are high-end settings with rigorous requirements for excellent lighting and décor. Good design, great brightness, long service life, and a quality assurance policy should be the main considerations.

场景图02Easy Adjustment: Each lamp of our Oteshen track lighting comes with a 30W LED bulb in your choice of warm white, cool white, or daylight lighting hue. It uses a GU10 bulb (which is readily changeable in the future).

Higher Lighting Performance: High brightness is greater than 80 lumens per watt. The device has a high luminous efficiency of more than 80lm/W, according to the IES test report, which is made possible by high-quality LED and a carefully thought-out optical system.


Practical Use: Oteshen track lighting can offer both general illumination and accent lighting to draw attention to practical or aesthetically pleasing objects. The track light may be readily expanded to accommodate extra track lighting units, and the track can be turned to point the light in the desired direction. Use it more frequently to make a stronger impression.

Assurance Services: Given that we can provide you a comprehensive assurance policy, we have total faith in our LED Spotlight. We offer a two-year quality warranty. If there are any quality problems throughout the warranty period, we will replace the spotlight at no cost to the customer.

Oteshen Track Lights' distinctive and replaceable design will undoubtedly be a well-liked marketing tool in all markets. Oteshen is dedicated to offering its esteemed clients the greatest services and introducing the best items to the market. Customers and nations alike will value what we have to offer, we are convinced. For you, Oteshen Track Lights are the finest choice.


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